Donald George

Donald George is Associate Professor of Singing at the Renowned Crane School of Music at the State University of New York, (SUNY) Potsdam, and an honorary professor at the Shenyang Conservatory, China. He was also a lecturer at the Academy of Music and Theater, Bavarian Theater Academy Munich. Donald George has appeared at the Komische Oper & Opera in Berlin, La Scala, Parisian opera Châtelet and Bastille, Gärtnerplatz, Kennedy Center, Opéra Royal Brussels, Staatsoper Vienna and Hamburg, as well as in festivals such as: Salzburg, Jerusalem, Istanbul, Blossem (USA).

He has sung under Bernstein, Masur, Menuhin, Mehta and Tate, and made several recordings, including Verdi Requiem, Mendelssohn Elias, Rossini Aureliano in Palmira and Le Nozze di Peleo (world premiere). “A success for La Scala, all possess an outstanding technique, and are perfect actors … including Donald George” (Corriere della Sera) “Donald George furnishes Candide with a flexible, beautifully shaped lyricism – his lament is one of the highlights of the performance. (Munich Mercury).

Lucy Mauro

Lucy Mauro is Associate Professor of Music at West Virginia University. Her performances took you to the Polish Embassy, ​​the reunion of the French Piano Institute at the Shephard Univerity, and the Music at Ogontz Festival with Freda Herseth at the Coolige Auditorium in the Library of Congress, Washington DC with Joyce Castle, Kurt Ollmann and Scott Dunn and Carmen Pelton, as well as The National Conference of Music Teachers of America in Denver (with Donald George), the Asolo Song and Art Song Festival (Italy), the International Institute of Performing Arts in Munich, and a 10-day tour with Donald George the Heinrich Heine
contained settings.

She is an absentrant of the famous Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University where her teachers were Ann Schein and Julio Esteban. Recordings of her are with Capstone Records and she is co-author of the Essential Two-Piano Repertoire and other publications by Alfred Publishing.

Lecture and master class by Donald George and Lucy Mauro

“The vocals that are not presented with genuine feelings are not on the stage,” says Walter Felsenstein, the famous Viennese director and operninnovator.

But what is feeling in music? Stravinsky said that there is no such thing. Aaron Copeland wrote that although music has a meaning, it did not know what it was. CPE Bach wrote that a musician can not move without first moving himself.

This lecture “Sound, Sentiment and Subtleties of Expression” tries to find responses and techniques to the following questions: What is emotion? What is passion? Love? Hate? Malice? Where are these emotions in music? And how can one interpret these feelings through music, singing and piano?

Donald George has developed copper exercises through his time at the Komische Oper Berlin and his researches on the theories of Walter Felsenstein, Konstatin Stanislowski and Harry. In addition, exercises are made based on the right and left brain hemispheres as well as strengthen the emtion centers in the right half of the brain. Together with Dr. Lucy Mauro is an exciting and helpful lecture. Through targeted games, exercises and lectures, these two artists offer a comprehensive, entertaining and skillful lesson to give the young artists present to put these lessons into practice. Finally, a Masterclass is offered where you can try the learned.