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“It is simply an honor to sample the singular wine of Donald George’s voice. His extreme upper register explodes into a silvery extra dimension, like sunlight suffusing a snowy pinnacle. Up and down its finely cultivated range, the voice is one of relaxed, heart catching sonority… Lucy Mauro’s flawless accompaniment was entirely suitable,…the performances were stellar…It was, all in all, a wonderful, poignant evening.” Bill Boone, Unfeigned Coffee Fiend, November 2008

“a splendid afternoon of beautiful music-making!”

“an incredible concert”

“wonderful program”

“ein absolut unvergessliches Erlebnis”

“Die Interpretation des Accompaniments auf dem Klavier war wunderbar. Die Deutung der Gedichte selber -mit schöner Männerstimme, mit Gebärde und Gesichtsausdruck – war meisterhaft, sehr künstlerisch, sehr poignant. Die reine Freude, das wirkliche bittere Leiden des Dichters haben Sie auf vortreffliche, unvergleichbare Weise inszeniert.”

“Bravo on your beautiful concert! It is wonderful for all of us to hear such professional, musical, and engaging music making.”

“fabulous artistic evening”

“excellent concert.” The students loved it and the concept itself.” “…wonderful performance.”

“terrific presentation of Melodramas…a first-rate performance/power-point/beautifully researched event.”

“A great musical team – very expressive and engaging with the audience.”

“A wonderful ensemble and totally engaging.” “We were enthralled with your presentation.” — MTNA National Conference

“Your concert and Master Class were some of the highlights of our program year and we are deeply grateful for the opportunity to have our students see you perform and work with you in the class.” — WVMTA State Convention

“The final composition, “Three Pieces in the Landscape of a Soul,” was heart wrenching and contemplative. In the exploration of the human condition through three backdrops: “The Prison,” The Battlefield,” and “The Garden,” tenor professor Donald George gave an emotional and powerful performance backed by a choir of 20 voices. Piano, cello and different permutations of the human voice (such as humming) were versatile enough to characterize each of the three movements exceptionally.”

“Supporting the two tenors is pianist Lucy Mauro (Radford University), a frequent collaborator and skillful accompanist. The piano part is simple yet highly effective, allowing a pianist to access this wonderful music (often given to the orchestra). Under Mauro’s skillful fingers, the absence of an orchestra will be of little concern.”

CD Reviews:

Mathilde von Kralik: Komm mit mir! • Come with me! | DuoDrama | Lucy Mauro and Donald GeorgeAmerican Record Guide Review:
“The acerbic critic Eduard Hanslick declared [Mathilde von Kralik] to be ‘a genuine, original talent which holds great promise for the future’. Composing in a late romantic style, she was best known for her smaller scale works. Of the 26 songs heard here, 17 are settings of poems by her brother Richard. The songs are well composed, with piano writing that is often demanding. George has a sweet voice and fine technique and Mauro is a skillful accompanist…” — R Moore


“Back in October I reviewed a CD of songs by a woman composer called Margaret Ruthven Lang and who until then was unknown to me… The present CD is the second volume of Lang’s songs, entitled “New Love Must Rise“. Could it be as good as the first? I remember wondering. Well, actually it’s better! It will take you on a delightful, charming journey, full of heart-warming, adorable songs, throwing in a few mini masterpieces along the way. Take the time and listen to it. You won’t regret it.” — Margarida Mota-Bull Flowing Prose

“Where on earth had this composer been hiding all my life”? And now — having just covered our second volume — she has served notice to the musical world that, “… if anything, it is even better than the first.” — Margarida Mota-Bull MusicWeb International

“Each of the songs is carefully considered and wrought in gracefully sunlit shades of romantic twilight … Donald George’s sweet tenor, partnered sympathetically by Lucy Mauro, captures the modest charm and lyrical flavour of Lang’s music. In the six Nonsense Rhymes and Pictures, set to limericks by Edward Lear – who was the Edward Gorey of his time, as George and Mauro subtly let on with little winks and grins – Lang raises the silly rhymes to a surprisingly affecting level … The recording, made at the University of West Virginia’s Bloch Hall, is rich and fine.” – Gramophone, August 2012

“I had the pleasure of reviewing this one. Again, as with the Mozart DVD, it was a wonderful surprise. Lang was nearly forgotten, largely due to herself, as she destroyed many of her works but she was a fascinating woman composer who lived nearly 105 years! It was a delightful, refreshing experience to listen to her music and to talk to the performers who had the brilliant idea of making this CD. Initiatives such as these, deserve to be acknowledged in any possible manner. To me, the revelation of the year!” — MusicWeb International names Love is Everywhere a 2011 Recording of the Year

“Throughout the disc, I had the impression that this recording was a labour of love for tenor Donald George and pianist Lucy Mauro … (their) care and dedication in performing and bringing these songs to the general public is patent in every single track of the CD. Undoubtedly, there is a great musical rapport between the two, creating a harmonious partnership between voice and piano … George is in great form here and Lang’s pieces suit his voice. He sings them with obvious enjoyment and great expression, as if narrating a story in song. His tone is very warm and his diction crystal clear … Mauro’s piano accompaniment serves George’s vocals perfectly … (she) performs the pieces with apparent delight and marvellous clarity, displaying not only an excellent technique but also a detailed understanding of Lang’s scores.” — MusicWeb International

“The key to this and the other successful performances by Donald George and Lucy Mauro is the unabashed exuberance with which they embrace this music. There is no hint of hesitancy or embarrassment; they engage with wholehearted devotion and enthusiasm, which is what these songs both require and deserve. They also require a singer with a sizable voice who can ride the most taxing passages of these songs without tiring or resorting to yelling. George sings beautifully and easily at full cry, yet sounds equally compelling when singing more gently and lyrically. Also impressive is his exceptionally clear diction, which he achieves without compromising the legato line that is at the heart of almost all of these songs. Mauro is a perfect partner, whether called upon for thundering power or the tenderest whisper.” — Journal of Singing

“Bringing this repertoire to the fore, Donald George and his pianist Lucy Mauro, have done a wonderful service to the art of song with this recording- his singing is fresh and beautiful, with immediate diction, and their partnership is palpable throughout the selections. Her playing is as crystalline and telling as his singing. This recording takes the listener on a lovely journey, and I know that my recital repertoire is about to grow by quite a few songs, thanks to the genius of Margaret Ruthven Lang.” — Stephanie Blythe (full review)

“[Margaret Ruthven Lang’s] songs’ melodic invention and beauty, coupled with imaginative and sophisticated piano support, are superbly realized by tenor Donald George and pianist Lucy Mauro, who are on an ardent personal mission to revive interest in her music. With these two volumes of songs now on CD, Lang’s wonderful music is ripe for rediscovery.” – © 2012 San Francisco Classical Voice

“Lang’s vocal works are nothing short of impressive. She captures the essence of great American art song with beautiful flowing vocal lines paired with interesting and diverse piano accompaniments. George has an ideal voice for this repertoire. The pitches sit seamlessly in his range and the shadow game that his voice and the piano harmonies play make for an hour’s worth of delightful tenor listening.” – Jennifer Sams, OperaPulse

WETA Washington’s Vocal CD Pick of the Week

Laugh with Classical Music
“ Margaret Ruthven Lang’s settings of Edward Lear’s limericks score highly with Lucy Mauro’s droll piano accompaniments to Donald George’s whimsical deliveries. We can laugh at: the old man in the tree stung by a beeeee bzzzz; at the old person of Cassel whose nose finished off in a tassel; at the old man of Dumbree who taught little owls to drink tea – but not mice!; at the old person of Jodd whose ways were perplexingly odd; and the old lady of France who taught little ducklings to dance; and finally the languorous sleepy young lady of Parma.” — Ian Lace, MusicWeb International

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